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89 Collier Street, Suite 200
Barrie, ON, Canada L4M 1H2

Barrie: 705-985-8226
Toronto: 437-922-8226

Penco Drywall

Penco Drywall is a customer-centric drywall installation company whose experience, professionalism and no-nonsense approach have been instrumental in their success for over twenty years. Whenever they make a connection with clients, they stay with Penco Drywall because they get knowledgeable, long-tenured workers that provide expert advice on-site, and a price that’s competitive.

/ Brand

Penco is a family business first and foremost, so it was of the utmost importance that the brand paid tribute the company founder, Jeff Pierce, who passed away a few years prior. Now under the ownership of his sons, we modernized the logo without making it too much of a departure from the original. We ensured Jeff’s story, and the vision he had for creating a customer-centric drywall company remained front and center in the story of Penco Drywall.

/ Print

Once the brand was given a refresh, we incorporated the updated logo on all brand materials including business cards, envelopes and letterheads. We created door hangers, furnace tags, print ads, inspection forms, site signage and truck wraps to reflect Penco’s newly updated brand.

/ Digital

We made sure the updated branding was applied to other digital communications including email signatures. The website required a full rebuild and was reconstructed entirely from the ground up. We used the blue, white and black colours of the original logo as the scheme throughout the entire site (staying consistent with all physical pieces).

The legacy of the previous owner is featured heavily on the site. We took his vision for Penco Drywall and used it to inform the entire website, showing a strong connection to family and a dedication to high-quality work in the construction industry.