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89 Collier Street, Suite 200
Barrie, ON, Canada L4M 1H2

Barrie: 705-985-8226
Toronto: 437-922-8226

Circa Masonry

Circa offers a wide range of masonry and restoration services, and a unique blend of construction services custom-tailored to their clients’ needs. Their team is right there through all the milestones: deciding on a design plan, establishing a budget and agreeing upon a project timeline.

/ Name

When brainstorming names for the company, we wanted it to be a good representation of a business who’s forte is brick, stone and rock. Circa represents a beginning. An old family home, your family members, the incredible series of events that lead to your existence, every moment that has ever happened and ever will happen – it all has a starting point.


The company had been in operation for almost 15 years with limited branding and no website when we took them on as a client. We created the brand from the ground up, pulling inspiration from the art of masonry itself.

The red represents masonry material and the blood that runs through the veins of bricklayers throughout the world. We incorporated a stylized worker similar to the characters that appeared in old World War 2 posters, tipping a hat to the “we can do it” work ethic of bricklayers while the “C” surrounding him represents the name of the company itself.

/ Web

We continued the stone colour scheme throughout the website. Using a mix of imagery that shows completed projects, close-ups of varying brick walls and historical photos, we were able to pay homage to the long and storied history of masonry.

With Circa newly rebranded, the owner was eager to showcase his work in real-time. To achieve this, we integrated Circa’s newly opened Instagram account into the new website, allowing the users to see the company’s work as it’s happening.