The Creative Co-Opt is an eclectic conglomeration of dreamers and dancers. With our feet firmly on the ground but our head in the clouds, forever grappling with the big idea without forsaking even the smallest details.

Here, the world is our canvas and inspiration lies in the most unexpected of places and around every corner.

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Company Info

89 Collier Street, Suite 200
Barrie, ON, Canada L4M 1H2

Barrie: 705-985-8226
Toronto: 437-922-8226

Our Lineage

We’re Barrie’s newest creative design agency, with roots in the Toronto ad scene that extend back decades. Today this is where we live, work and play, and we’re ready to innovate new ways to help your brand get noticed.

Our Logo

Introducing DJ, our mischief-loving mascot with a mission to put a smile on your face. He’s been around for about fifteen years but he’s young at heart and has come to symbolize The Creative Co-Opt’s boundless creativity.

Our Location

We’re in the thick of it all in downtown Barrie. Across from city hall. Steps from the waterfront. Rubbing shoulders with the amazing diversity of shops, restaurants and business startups that make this city the place to be.

Our Lineage

“It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter where you are. All that matters is the quality of work.”

There’s something in the Barrie spirit that lends itself to boundless creativity. The high, blue skies, fresh air and expansive greenery. The tranquil Lake Simcoe waters juxtaposed against an irresistible mountainous terrain.

Inspiration is everywhere. Ideas descend from the heavens in droves, sleeping in chrysalis form just waiting to take flight again.

If you live or work in Barrie, you know where we’re coming from – and where we’re going. We’re excited to help neighbouring businesses market themselves, stand out and get noticed. We’re local-proud, with a distinguished history of turning startups and small businesses into household names.

It was 2002, or maybe 2003. One of our founder’s sons, Damien, went on a school field trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village. The children were asked to draw pictures using traditional quill pen and ink. The illustration Damien brought home to show his parents was pure magic – an innocent-looking happy-face guy with carefree clumps of hair standing straight up.

To us, DJ symbolizes pure inspiration. When children create, their imagination is limitless. There aren’t any rules or roadblocks standing in the way, no preconceived notions or prejudiced thinking. Anything is possible. This freedom of expression is what we aspire to bring to our daily routine, and put it to work for you in ways we haven’t even yet imagined.

Our Location

In our humble opinion, downtown Barrie is the place to be.

The civic heart and emotional soul of the Simcoe County region. A place where an eclectic mishmash of styles, attitudes and cultures come together to wave a zany-patterned flag of independence.

In the middle of it all, you’ll find The Creative Co-Opt. Local ambassadors for local businesses with a global-minded view. Recognizing the need for a creative advertising presence in downtown Barrie, we opened our doors here at the corner of Collier and Mulcaster in 2018 with a view of the lake and we’ve never looked back.

We invite you to drop by and share your business vision. We’re here to help you exceed your goals, and make your brand look pretty spiffy while we’re at it.